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Grocery store update


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Interesting article. Didn't they kick a bookstore out of the Civic Center Mall in order to rebuild it? We will see if the grocery store gets off the ground. I am sure it owuld do well. Jay

They kicked the tenants out, tore down the mall, and reoriented the retail to face the street; it currently has two tenants, the YMCA and Spiritus Wines.

A grocery store would probably work very well in this location. They'd be pretty much the only game in town with a resident base of about 1200 - 2000, plus the office workers on their lunch break.

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just curious - about how many people is critical mass for a grocer?

Don't downtown residents use delivery service like Pea Pod? It would seem that the critical mass issue would have a lot to do with hours of operation.

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How many units are walking distance from that location? By that I mean within the immediate five blocks.

Sage-Allen, American Airlines, Trumbull on the Park, 55 on the Park, H21, the Metropolitan, Bushnell Towers and Union Place. Is that it? There are also a few scattered places like the apartments above Pratt Street.

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We tend to forget the older places that have been around a while.

Union Pace - 69 units

Artspace - 46 units

Morgan on the Park (formerly Capital View/Capitak Towers) There has to be 100 unts in there.

These are mature apartment building with a lot of residents that are potential customers grocery shoppers.

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Good stuff. Not the gourmet, upscale grocer that we all want to see but this is a start.

Hartford Courant

They might not be the big, splashy gourmet grocery extravaganzas that city leaders have hoped to see in downtown Hartford, but a couple of projects on Asylum Street are promising steps in that direction.

A market and deli is now under construction at 421 Asylum by the former owner of a grocery store in the Frog Hollow neighborhood. And, just a few hundred yards to the west, The Hollander at 410 Asylum, is now getting fresh, locally grown produce delivered weekly for its residents, part of a community-supported agriculture program.

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It's amazing to me that there is already an unoccupied, built out, grocery store/deli across the street in H21 and this guy chooses to build his own grocer/deli on the other side.

It's not amazing at all when you consider that the rent is probably considerably cheaper per square foot and that for his business model he has no need for the 8,000 sq ft. Northland has at H21 because he is opening in 1,700.......This guy is a good businessman IMO. He's not biting off more than he can chew so he has a chance at success.

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