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Landscape our Medians


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I am not bashing Augusta but these days it seems that North Augusta does a great job living up to the "Garden City" name. There is one problem. I always thought Augusta was the garden city. Ride down Peach Orchard, Gordon Hwy and Bobby Jones and you would think the nick name has been changed to the "Weed City". Drive across the bridge how ever and you see lush landscaped medians and very clean roadways through out North Augusta and Aiken. This could not have been said about Aiken County three years ago as I thought the Aiken Augusta Hwy was one of the ugliest roads I have ever been on and North Augustas gateways were not very attractive. What should Augusta do to clean up its roadways? Does anybody have any pics they can post on the citys worst medians and roadways? People and the city should become aware of the problem and do something about it. I am tired of the Disgusta nick name but with over grown roadways this just supports that name. What is being done to counter act this problem? Is there a Median and roadway improvement program in the works that I donot know about. If the Aiken Augusta Hwy can be transformed from is ugly overgrown state is was in 2004 to one of the CSRA's most senic roadways then the worst road in Augusta can to. It is time to defend the "Garden City" title not "Disgusta".

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I agree about Aiken/Augusta Hwy. It went from ugly to beautiful overnight. I just traveled that road not too long ago and was impressed by the amount of work that has been done. I also love the quasi-Tropical theme North Augusta has with its landscaping. I guess it has a little to do with the state tree of South Carolina being a Palm!

Aiken is in another league when it comes to landscaping. The roads through the inner part of the city are all lanscaped and have huge medians with giant Live Oaks. Its one of the most beautiful cities in South Carolina...period.

And then there is Augusta... There are some REALLY nicely landscaped streets in Augusta. Park Avenue, Central Avenue and Walton Way are some of the best looking roads in Georgia in the spring but you are absolutley right about (mainly) Gordon Hwy and Id wager to bet this is one of the busiest, highly traveled streets in the metro area. Its an eyesore! Peach Orchard rd. needs a little TLC but isnt nearly as bad and Its been so long that Ive been on Deans Bridge I couldnt even remember what it looks like!

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