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Walking around Tulsa


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Some big buildings in Tulsa, they have a couple of 50 story towers. Nice skyline compliments of oil money. The architecture isn't as interesting with a couple of exceptions. One of the older skyscrapers is quite ornate and beautiful. Mostly though it's boxes and doesn't rival the Phoenix, the Stilts building, the new science center, the Goodwin or even the even the slanted roof on City Place. One edge that Tulsa has is there are building a very nice new downtown arena.

Believe it or not there is more surface parking than Hartford. It is also very dead at night. As usual when you get to a city about the size of Hartford, the Connecticut capital fairs very well. There was nowhere near the historical, cultural or entertainment options. And no meaningful waterfront.

Nice enough folks. There is also a train that goes through downtown about 3 AM every morning blowing its horn constantly. It woke me up both nights I stayed in the city.


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