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Brewery/Ice Cream Bar coming soon...


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As a fan of MBC's beer, I am very much looking forward to this...

The popular, Webberville-based Michigan Brewing Company is opening its first off-site location on Washington Square in Downtown Lansing, and is sharing space with MOO-ville, a Nashville, Mich.-based dairy company that sells ice cream, wedding cakes and other hormone free milk-based products.

"We've been trying to bring this company up here for years," says developer Shawn Elliott, who is renovating the 4,000 square foot former Greenhouse Bistro for MOO-ville and Michigan Brewing Company. Elliott notes that this will be Downtown Lansing's first ice cream parlor.

Elliott anticipates that MOO-ville's ice cream will go extraordinarily well with Michigan Brewing Company's homebrewed root beer. Root beer float anyone?

The ice cream element will attract families, but the Michigan Brewing Company element, which will include tap beer, kegs and take home six-packs, will also cater to Downtown's older crowd.

"We needed something down here that was unique," Elliott says.

The ice cream shop/bar is scheduled to open in mid-June.

Source: Shawn Elliott, developer


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I work at the cigar shop next to this and have been following it since they begun work. I'm really glad to see something like this downtown. They plan on brewing one beer on site and they are supposed to be opening May 15th.

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Well the supposed Aug opening has come and gone. Ive talked with a couple people at MBC, and they said things are progressing, but very slowly.

I suppose its par for the course considering how long it took em to open the new location out in Webberville. Seen any action over there hood?

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