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Saginaw County, medical community leaders toss around idea for top-flight medical campus to rival Mayo Clinic


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This has been brewing behind the scenes for a couple years now. I can't give exact details, but very large bulk of the money needed (think at least very high 8 figures) had been secured almost two years ago. And at that time CMU wasn't involved yet.

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I hope part of thier plan doesn't rely on recruiting physicians to saginaw. it would be almost easier to recruit them to the moon. there will be a huge shortage in the next 20 years and unless there is a big change in reimbursement and the stark laws (anti-trust laws) it will be extremely difficult to bring people to less desirable areas.

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While I wish wasn't true, I agree pretty much with your statement. I think Saginaw possesses a ton of potential to be a great place to live and work. After all, it was one of the top spots back in its golden days. However, today it's lacking in almost all areas that interest young professionals. On the bright side, it's still fairly easy to get a job in any profession in Saginaw, although the ailing Michigan economy hasn't quite struck Saginaw as hard as other parts of the state.

I hope this development will be downtown. As a proud downtown employee for two years, there is nothing to do outside the office, and surely an influx of employees this huge would bring more business along with it.

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