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Indigo Hotel new convention center choice.


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The Wilmington City Council has chosen an Indigo Hotel as the hotel to be connected with the new Wilmington Convention Center. The Hotel is a four star hotel. The presentation for the hotel was impressive. It will be 157 rooms, 6 floors, and have meeting space located on roof of the hotel!

Indigo is a described as boutique hotel in the IHG chain. The quality of the hotels in this chain fall as follows; Intercontinental is the top followed by the Indigo, followed by Crowne Plaza then several chains. Indigo Hotels are not "cookie cutter" hotels, but are designed to fit the region.The design of each hotel is unique inside and out.

The hotel was limited to 157 rooms to keep the price an average of $160 a night year round. Ranging from $125 to $225 depending on the season. A hotel of 240 rooms mentioned in the original proposal would raise the hotel to price to around $200 a night. A little much for the Wilmington market at this time.

The closest Indigo Hotel will be one being built in the Research Triangle Area that is open now or will be open soon.

Also mentioned in the proposal for the smaller Indigo was the fact that at least two other hotels are planned within walking distance of the convention center, one proposal is an Embassy Suites, just to the north.

If there are links to the proposal in tomorrow's Wilmington Star News I will post them here.

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