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So in the past few months I have come across a new addiction called BlogTalkRadio.com -- what this is basically is anyone can register as a user and either listen to other internet radio shows in the website's community, and you also have the option of creating your own radio show.

Your live show (if you wanted one) would consist of a switchboard on your computer also with a chat room for others to chat live while the radio show is going. You would be designated with a phone number for logging in and another phone number for others to call in - and you have complete control of the show.

Also another great feature is for those that were not at the show while it was live, can listen to it via archive - and you can also post it as an itunes podcast. Additionally, you can put flash-based widgets of your shows on websites and blogs for others outside of the community to listen.

I don't have a show of my own but I got a grasp of how the thing works and listen to a lot of shows on there.

So this lead me to think...

How would people feel about a show that UP-GR members could come to and talk about things related to the city? You could create tons of shows like developments - and mass transit - environmental issues - the list goes on. I'm not really myself proposing to host the show - but I think it would be a cool idea for a gathering place seeing how most times I see a lot of people are online in the threads at the same time.

Share your thoughts, ideas, etc. :thumbsup:


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