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MCS may no longer be Hollywood backdrop


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Safety concerns. The ceilings need a bit of work. While they are built of reinforced concrete and terracotta block, some of stone veneer on the underside is falling off.

The steel stairs on the southwest side of the building have significantly weakened as well due to open exposure to the elements. Two years ago they were bad. I can only imagine what shape they are in now.

I really don't understand the point in owning such a landmark-like buildings in such a horrible state of repair. I know Matty Moroun is an "eccentric billionaire" but to own a property in such a disgraceful state would seem like an embarrassment, especially when you have the money to renovate it several times over. Your commitment to building a better community hardly shines through. The Ambassador bridge doesn't count. But Detroit is full of these people sadly.

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Stamper, the presidential of the company, is today saying in the News that they'd be happy to allow filming in the building, and that there are no plans to tear it down. In his own words:

"As long as the companies can meet the insurance requirements, we'd be more than happy to consider more filming in the train station."

He also says that he wishes one of the casinos would have been the anchor tenant in the building, and that it's not the financing keeping them from renovating the station.

It's all kind of disingenuous because of the point that was brought up earlier that they don't even pretend to want to properly prep the building for possile redevelopment.

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