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A Ponte Vecchio for Greenville


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Just an idea...wouldn't it be really cool to have something like Florence, Italy's Ponte Vecchio in downtown Greenville that spans our river? The Main St. bridge would never work--it's too much of an artery. However, I think it could work on the River St. Bridge. For those who need a reference, its an old bridge that spans the Arno River that is the main thoroughfare for tourists in Florence. There are retail shops that line the sides of the bridge and the pedestrian traffic (only) files through in droves. It's a magical place that has such eclectic and cool architecture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponte_Vecchio

Right now, most people congregate around the Main St. bridge area because the first phase of Riverplace is finished and the falls are nearby. When Riverplace is complete, more interest will be drawn up river towards Linky Stone park. Yes, River St. Bridge is a convenient cut-off or alternative to the Main St. bridge, but I believe both Main St. and Academy St. bridges would be sufficient to take the load of traffic. If River St. bridge was made pedestrian-only and a new bridge with specialty retail shops was created, what a great, unique (to America) feature that would be! Locals would love it and tourists too! The Greenway trail goes right through there as well, which would give more access and exposure to boot. I think this could really spread the interest around the river and falls, which, of course, is Greenville's best natural assett. How many cities have a 40 ft. waterfall downtown! I think this would really spark more cool development on either side of the River St. bridge and even further around towards the new Kroc Center and proposed 200 acre city park.

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That's a cool idea. It reminds me of the old London Bridge in many ways and it would certainly nod to Greenville's relationship with Bergamo in a round-a-bout sort of way.

I agree that this wouldn't work for the Main Street Bridge. There are too many views from the Main Street bridge that would be lost as well. River Street might work, but again there are a number of nice views that would be obstructed there and I fear Linky Stone Children's Garden may be cut off by something of this nature. Academy Street is far too busy with vehicle traffic. I'm trying to think of other places something like this might work better...and can't come up with any.

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