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Wilderness Resort & Hollister

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I know MSUBear42 posted about Hollister Developments somewhere in threads, I seemed can't find it.

A new $225 Million Dollar Wilderness Water Park Resort, Condominium and Retail Developments, and also new 7,500 Seats Arena.

the latest innovative thrill rides such as Surf Rider and Tornado, a Wave Pool, four large family tube rides, spray features, and all the other amenities of a resort waterpark. The indoor portion of the waterpark will be covered with a special “foil-tec” roof giving guests the feel of being outdoors even on the most inclement days. A beautiful cinema, probably a ten screen cinema, a ultramodern high end bowling alley, a food court, and a restaurant.
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Thanks for the link but just remember you cant post a link without any comment... I'll let it slide this time but make sure you leave a comment when you post a link. If your confused about anything refer to the 'Rules' tab in top right.

Here is the map of the development...


Very nice mix of tenants there as well as a Holiday Inn Exspress and Cold Stone... that makes two for the Springfield Branson Area. Does anyone know if this has been approved or when it will break ground?

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