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Market Square progress


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Sounds like things are really shaping up. I'm very excited about these changes, especially the closing of a problem bar and the addition of the wine and cheese bar.

My only concern is the bus route changes. While I think closing Market Square to traffic is a great idea in theory, I'm not sure it would work in practice. This isn't all traffic, just buses, but I wonder how it will work out. What will the ripple effects be when buses are rerouted? Will less people come to Market Square because their bus doesn't stop there? I guess we'll find out.

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I think Dunkin's donuts are better than Krispy Kreme's too... Krispy Kreme just exploded on the scene a few years ago... but they seem to have stalled (their accounting problems probably contributed to that)... Krispy's are just too sugary and goopy lol...

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Yeah Krispy's donuts are all glazed, which is not to my taste.

But anyway, as for Market Square I'll be very interested to see what happens with the buses. Admittedly the square will be more pleasant without squeeling, puffing buses coming through all the time.

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