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Kentucky to name it's official picnic food...


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Many know that Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky and that it has played a huge part in Kentucky's history. Now State Rep. Charles Siler is sponsoring legislation to name fried chicken as the official picnic food. PETA is up in arms about this however and plans on protesting the move due to KFC's purported mistreatment of chickens.

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The Kentucky State Legislature has a lot more pressing concerns than selecting a state picnic food. The budget is a mess and Governor Beshear is pushing across the board budget cuts - including freezing the funding levels of school districts for two years in the face of rising inflation and costs. So perhaps figuring out how to fund essential government services might be a tad more of a priority than this?

State governments pass this sort of stuff all the time, but there is a time and a place to suggest it, and this session does not appear to be either.

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