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Montgomery area relocation thread


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First, I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but this is the closest I have found. I am a current resident of Montgomery and live on the east side. We (my wife and I) live in a garden home and are preparing for a larger family. We have been looking on alamls.com at the mls listings and are getting a bit frustrated at the lack of interesting architecture in montgomery. We would prefer an older house that we could fix up a bit, but want a nice (interesting) house to start with. We are looking in the Dalraida area (we love the neighborhood). The garden district is nice, but we can't afford private school. Are there any other particular areas we could be looking in? We really like Prairie style, modern, and SOME bungalow designs. I guess my question is: Is there an area where some or all of these styles are prevalent in the city while also being in decent neighborhoods? Also, is there an association or something of homeowners of architect designed homes in the area which we could browse?

I hope this is at least clear enough to get my point/concerns across. Thanks in advance for the help

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Welcome to Urban Planet, bshoults! The Cloverdale area (Old Cloverdale, Cloverdale-Idlewild) would be worth a look as well. I'm not sure where the district lines are drawn, but Forest Avenue Elementary is an excellent public school in the area.

I changed the name of this thread so that others can post similar questions in the future.

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