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Columbus Comprehensive Plan


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The City is currently working to update the 20-year comprehensive plan. What's a little different about this one is there are several questions about working with other governments and jurisdictions. This seems to be a chance to handle regional growth better than Atlanta and others have. Go to the City's Planning Department web page and click on the survey link or click here to go directly to it.

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The online Visioning survey is complete. This link will download a pdf of the results. It appears many of the responses selected for quotes were cherry picked to advance the goals of the city government. Also, the surveyors made inappropriate assumptions from questions. For example, they say that respondents were lukewarm to the idea of better access between Georgia and Alabama, but the question was 'should the bridge across the Chattahoochee be expanded'. The friends and family I have that work in Opelika would like to have a new bridge north of the one we have now, so they put a low priority on that.

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