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TCAUP Expansion


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For a few months now, renderings and diagrams were released of expansion and renovation plans for the Art and Architecture Building on North Campus. This fall's addition of Portico is a bit more detailed in plans, but there is also a web page to check out some of the diagrams.


> Go to Renovation Website > http://www.tcaup.umich.edu/addition/index.html

> Download this month's Portico > http://www.tcaup.umich.edu/portico/

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It appears that yes, they are bracing for higher enrollment in the future. In fact, the incoming class of architecture students was the largest in TCAUP history requiring complete re-arrangement of studios. Small and congested crit spaces has always been an issue as well.

As far as us urban planners go, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any added space for us. Just a bunch of construction above our heads.

I like the idea of a future common cafe space right off the courtyard though.

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5 years too late for me, though.

Too bad the Planning department is not getting any additional space. When I was doing my MUP, we always seemed to get the leftovers after architecture department.

I always thought that it would have been nice to create some devoted sleeping areas somewhere in the building to allow the all-nighters' to get better sleep than cramming onto couches or on the floor.

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Being an addition to an architecture school, I wonder what kind of involvement students will have in the design. As people who will be using the buildings and as people becoming architects, they'd probably be able to give useful input.

It will open some time when I'm in grad school, so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it.

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I am looking forward to this expansion for sure! Looks like it will be wrapping up right around the time that I'm heading back for my Masters. Will be cool to see if they get all the donors needed to all of the 'green' aspects they want to incorporate into the building.

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