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Wealthy/Division area


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I know Catholic Central is rehabing the building on the NE corner of division/fulton but are there plans for the spaces along the south side of the road where all of the old buildings have recently been demolished or is it simply being prepped for selling? Also, I noticed an addition to a building on commerce at wealthy right behind the Metropolitan Park apartments. Does anyone know what that is?

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ICCF owns very nearly all of the first two blocks east of Division and most of the second block south of Wealthy and just easy of Division. We have swapped with the City a strip of land along the south side of Wealthy for all of the scattered vacant lots the City owns in the area. The city is going to be reconstructing all utilities below Wealthy (between Division and Lafayette) and adding a major water transmission line. When they reconstruct it next summer/fall it will be largely according to the street design that was the result of our Neighborhood Revitalization charrette that we sponsored in January of 2002. This includes some on-street parking, a median and roundabouts at Jefferson and Lafayette.

We are currently deeply engaged in planning a mixed use and mixed income redevelopment in the area bounded by Division, Jefferson, Wealthy and Pleasant. The charrette provided great guidance for what the neighborhood wants and I expect we will be able to remain true to that vision. There will not likely be any major public annaouncement about these plans until early spring.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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