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Art on the Move!

Beth Y

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I saw one on Glenwood near North Street on Sunday, either the Anna Podris or Bart Cusic piece. I tried to take a picture but the bus pulled away as the camera was powering up.

There hasn't been any art on the buses that pass my house, but I'm not around during the day.

I think the art was commissioned for the project, but the side of the bus is not the actual/physical original work. Some buses have different works on each side.

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Yes, this work was by local artists who submitted pieces meeting certain criteria (to fit on the side of a bus!) and twelve were selected. Therefore, there are twelve buses in all.

Click on the link above to learn more or see the artists and art selected.

I can't believe I still haven't seen one!

They will be "rolled out" at 6pm this Saturday (9/22) at Moore Square in conjunction with the Street Painting Festival and Sparkcon.....so come see them there!

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