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Orchard Park or Orhard Hills?


Orchard Park or Orchard Hills?  

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  1. 1. Who will Open first??

    • Orchard Park
    • Orchard Hills
    • Not Sure.

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As we all know we have two major retail developments are vying to set up shop in the Grand Rapids Area. One is Orchard Park development planned for 4 Mile Rd and Bristol Ave in Walker. The other is Orchard Hills set to go in at East Beltline Ave. near the Knapp Corner Area. Since both developments were conceived at around the same time and stand a strong likelyhood of being built, which do you think will be first to hold a grand opening celebration?

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I think the "village" portion of the Walker Orchard Park project will open second after Orchard Hills, but the Cabela's might open before the Village of Orchard Hills. It will be close. I think Rivertown Crossings took over a year and a half to build.

So my crystal balls says grand openings will be:

Cabela's - Spring 2009

Village of Orchard Hills - Summer to Fall 2009

Orchard Park Village - Early 2010 or 2011 (they'll probably be starting it as Cabela's opens to build more excitement)

btw tamias6, The Village of Orchard Hills is not in the Knapp's Corner area. It's a mile North at 3 Mile and East Beltline.

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