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Hartford-2010 Final Report.

Bill Mocarsky

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This long overdue report is a welcome sight. I believe the long-term well-being of the entire city and the surrounding towns rests upon knitting the patchwork of these neighborhoods and focal points back together. Let's see if present and future politicians (both in Hartford and around the area) have the will to get it done.

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I just think these people are idiots. They don't understand the free market at all. Even the sidewalk enhancements are the brick design that requires constant repair when used in northern cities like Hartford. But it looks nice in a drawing so who cares?

There are easy and simple things that would improve the city tremendously. Bill's vision of Grove Street is a perfect example. My parking garage across from Union Station is another. I read these reports and geez Louise, could anything be more useless.

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Also by locking themselves into tridents, they ignore some very important epicenters in the city.

One of the most important epicenters in the city is where Sisson Avenue hits Farmington Avenue. That corner which is already a hub of economic activity is within walking distance of the UConn Law school and Mark Twain House. Any improvement to this area will spur further development and have a ripple effect though the West End and Asylum Hill. I hate to say it, but a parking garage in this area would be a huge boost.

Another interesting area that is NOT a trident is at Park Street and Prospect Street. This is another area that is fertile for economic development and since it is right on the West Hartford line it might serve as an exercise in working together for both towns. In fact, the area merchants have already begun to work together, maybe they can teach the municipalities something.

Ignoring everything and focusing solely on tridents is, well.....

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They are suppose to think big. Then they completely limit themselves to tridents. Can you not see the irony?

Every main street will eventually feed into a trident. Unfortunately, Sisson/Farmington is nowhere near a trident but it one of the main hubs in the city.

What bright urban planners do is try to find neighborhoods or hubs that have a sense of place. It gives them something to build on. Then they can help grow the hub like a crystal on an existing solid foundation. Pretending a trident is a hub where theere is no real sense of place is futile.

I stand by my contention these guys are not that bright.

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