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Fort Worth, Texas...via Holga!


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From http://www.holgamods.com/what/what.html :

"Somewhere in China is a factory that turns out one of the most laughably awful excuses for a camera I've ever seen. In fact, to call this thing a camera at all is to exaggerate. Replica of a camera might be better. Parody of a camera better still. This thing is a molded plastic box with a fixed shutter (well actually a coiled spring attached to a piece of metal that blinks), a lens (sort of) and a hole to sight through. That's it. No prism, no auto-focus, no motor drive. No glass, actually. The lens is plastic.

The Holga camera is the current incarnation of a line of cheap toys that began years ago with a similarly made camera called the Diana. It costs about $15 and though it looks like a cheap 35mm camera, it takes medium-format (120mm) film. What is amazing about this camera is that it takes pictures at all. What is even more amazing is that, given the right conditions, it can produce pictures that are simply wonderful."

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