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Muskegon Photo Thread


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Very nice tobias! Thanks for sharing. I like your first shot in Kruse Park. You got the trees and the steps in it but you were also able to get the lighthouse in it too. It looks like you got downtown in the evening, what day was it? I got a pretty a similar shot of the Hines Building on Sunday, except mine was taken a little further back.



Please continue sharing any photos you take in the area. It's nice not feeling like I'm the only one who uses this thread.

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The best segments of the bike trail in Muskegon are the ones that don't travel along a road and therefore offers views that were no previously available to most people:


Next time someone wants to open a new convenience store in the Muskegon the city should point point to this place to demonstrate what a quality convenience store looks like:


A mural that probably doesn't have to much time left:


When you look at this picture and realize it's showing only about half of the projects on the former mall site you begin to realize how far the city has come in such a short amount of time. Remember that Western Avenue wasn't even there until two years ago and the side streets have been there only one year:


A unique attraction in this part of the state:


And the new screen that indicates Loeks plans to keep it operating:


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I haven't been in Muskegon for the past few weeks, but I have no shortage of pictures of Muskegon that could be posted here.




A few from Muskegon's sad suburb, Muskegon Heights.

The decaying Strand Theater:


These door handles give you some idea about how long it's been since this storefront has had any kind of improvements:


A always thought Muskegon's City Hall took up too much land for a two story building. This City Hall sits on a bigger block and is only a single level:


Did they cut corners on street signs by using cheap paint or something? Most in the city look like this:


Now to round this post out with some more nice Muskegon pictures:



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