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Electric City Transit / Clemson Area Transit - A model for GVlle?


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Electric City Transit

"At times, the Electric City Transit buses get so packed people have to stand up, said Ms. Hall"

When was the last time you heard of a GTA bus with this problem? It's usually the opposite, too few people so GTA closes a route or increases fares.

"buses are now permitted to leave their regular routes to pick-up and drop-off senior citizens and disabled adults."

Again, I've never heard of GTA doing this.

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GTA is slowly getting there. From Clemson University - International Center for Automotive Research to Carolina First Center, there is talk of a bus/train system, which may eventually head downtown. From Traveler's Rest, through Furman University, to downtown. the Swamp Rabbit rail line is being converted into a paved/tram trail. Though they are a start, I like to see a monorail-type system connecting Greenville's northern minicupalities with its Golden Strip minicupalities.

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I saw the article about the Anderson Bus System success too. One thing it has going for it is simplicity and visibility. The new busses look great and are very visible about town. Everytime I passed one last week there were lots of people riding. If they connect to some more county routes, ridership will go even higher. Really the Anderson service should stretch all the way down Clemson Blvd to 85. Right now, Anderson stops at the Liberty Hwy Walmart and you have to transfer to the Clemson service to get further down the street.

Still - well done Anderson. :thumbsup:

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