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What if a explosion happend in Downtown Norfolk, like the one in New York. ?


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Norfolk continues to grow. Downtown Streets getting more congested with cars and pedestrians. New high rises rising to a new height. This is all great for a growing, thriving city. Like most old urban American cities, infrastructure is failing. If you recall back in 1996. There were 4 explosions that rock Norfolk. One explosion was near the Marriot hotel, people thought it was falling!! The explosions were cause by methane gas that mixed with other sewer gas and likely set by a spark from electricity. Causing massive explosions and power outages Downtown. Norfolk is one of America oldest cities, older than New York City. Look at what happen to New York a few days ago. Though the explosions were caused by different things, but they were similar in many ways. What would happen if something like this happen in Norfolk right now. It already happen, That was our warning back in 1996. Norfolk doesn't have subways and as much steam to add to pressure problems as New York does. But what is causing something like this to not happen in Norfolk again. There is no prepareness . What I am trying to say, we need to fix problems before we build and add anything else to the aging city. On top of the ground Norfolk is beautiful but underneath a whole different world, with 300 year old cast iron pipes, bad power wires, old sewer pipes, and OLD gas lines that run through the city. As Norfolk grow, so does the pressure on the pipes and it put more citizens to in danger. This is just something to think about. What prompted me to write about this, is when I was Downtown Norfolk on Thursday, A VERY HOT DAY. I saw steam seeking out two storm drains along Monticello and some steam coming out a manhole cover on Monticello and Brambleton. So, what do you guys think? ^_^

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