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Fire at House of Scrimshaw

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On a slightly off-topic note, notice that the upper floor of Chico's has received a traditional face-lift since the pictures I took last spring. I'm not sure when exactly this was done (Honestly, I just noticed today), but there has been a recent trend of such renovations to modern buildings on and near upper Thames. Brick Market Place across the street was repainted in colonial-inspired colors not long ago, and the 70's vintage Long Wharf Mall is currently having "ye olde" dormers installed.



In 1994-1996 (+/-1) I lived above Chico's.  I don't remember what it was back then.  Those sloping glass panels were definately there though.  If you look closely at the apex of that slope you can see a vertical section rising 4 feet or so.  This was the railing of my deck which was HUGE and extended way back.  You cannot see the actual appartment but I assure you it is there.  From that deck you could easily hop onto the roof of Banana Republic.  I painted a coral scene on the wall of HOS but no more than a month went by before the Newport Historical Society ordered it be to put back to original paint.  (If someone remembers that, my mind will be BLOWN.)  I became great friends with the owners of HOS, Andy and Greg and managed another of their stores named "The Souvenir Stop" across the way in Brick Market.  They actually owned 4 other shops along Thames Street. 


It's amazing to me and sad.  I moved to CA in 1998 and had not heard anything about this event till today.  I was searching a phone number for HOS to reconnect with Andy and Greg.

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