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[Steubenville] Ohio River bridge demolition eyed for late 2008


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Bridge demolition eyed for late 2008

Key --

1. ODOT expects demolition to begin in late 2008. WVDOH is currently studying on where to place the new span.

2. A contractor for the demolition is expected to be named by October 2008; demolition could begin in Nov-Dec.

3. The project will cost $5 million to complete and will take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to complete.

4. WVDOH will begin studies for the new span in June or July 2007. It is being paid with $18 million granted from U.S. Senators Robert C. Byrd and Jay Rockefeller, for the planning, design and initial construction of the proposed span.

5. A 2003 study suggested a span be constructed from WV 2 south of Wellsburg to OH 7 near Brilliant.

6. It is expected to cost $80 to $100 million to complete.

Article information: "Bridge demolition eyed for late 2008, By WARREN SCOTT, Herald Star [steubenville], March 31, 2007"

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