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Urban Parks, Squares and Plazas in Alabama


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Railroad Reservation Park in Birmingham...

Here's how it exists today...


Once completed, there will be a lake, streams, trails, an observation deck to watch passing trains, an amphitheatre, etc. etc.

Anticipated Construction start: Fall 2007

And of course....

Vulcan Park


Kelly Ingram Park


Caldwell Park


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Tuscaloosa's downtown-area parks :

* Capitol Park - former state capitol site

* Queen City Park - improvements this year include a planned Transportation Museum

* Shelby Park - new park opened last year featuring city's largest fountain

* unnamed central downtown park - construction should begin next year on a 1.5-block urban plaza

with water feature next to a Federal office building to open in 2010-11.

* Riverwalk park - later this year work should begin on a Workers Memorial Plaza,

which reportedly will include a 30-foot vertical feature, as well as a small piece of the WTC from New York.

* Battle-Friedman antebellum garden - very small garden from original 1800s design

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I saw a Riverwalk master plan a couple years ago and attended some public meetings, but they don't seem to be following

those plans particularly. The main bit to know is that the next parts planned will connect the downtown section to the university section. Then, at some point, there will be a section connecting downtown to West End/Newtown, and a section connecting the university to US 82. Work on the path has been terribly slow.

I found a couple of photos online:



Site of Workers Memorial will be where the small fountain is in this photo:

In terms of related development, the bigger-ticket items to keep an eye open for in the next couple of years are the Army Corps of Engineers relocation (timeline unknown), a $25-million-dollar office project on the 8-acre site where Tuscaloosa Chevrolet used to be (clearing maybe starting later this year), a

hotel at the Cityfest block (city has given a Meridian, MS-based developer a 3-month feasibility study period to decide whether they will build a Hyatt Place hotel), and Riverwalk Place (planned upscale condo and restaurant that so far doesn't appear to enough presales to have any chance of happening - condo market here went from hot to cold pretty quickly).

On the Northport side, their 2-mile levee trail is pretty much covers Northport's whole riverfront and then some.

Stonegate Realty of Birmingham supposedly will begin work on a $55-million mixed-use project at the cotton gin site

later this year,

where downtown Northport meets the river, between the downtown bridge and railroad trestle.

Here's a photo of Northport's only waterfront restaurant, which opens onto the levee trail:


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Annette Shelby Park is 11 acres at the site where Stafford Elementary used to be (east side of intersection of Queen City Avenue and 15th Street). If you've seen the fountain UA put in at Ferguson Plaza, this one is similar.

Unofficially (but practically since the city's beginnings), Queen City Avenue is the eastern boundary of downtown

and 15th Street is the southern boundary of downtown.

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Mobile Green Space Master Plan

Mobile's Green Space Master Plan calls for new and expanded parks:

Expansion of park space in growth areas and neighborhoods

Large parks will be located in the intense areas of growth and small parks in established neighborhoods. Overall park and green space acreage will be doubled from 1,100 to 2,200 acres.

Creation of visual green spaces

Medians and

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