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Greenways, Bike Paths and Trails in Alabama


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Tuscaloosa's : http://www.warc.info/Documents/B&P-Plan-02.pdf

The best local mountain bike path is the 15 miles of trail at Lake Lurleen State Park:


Several miles of mountain bike trail are also available locally at Sokol Park.

For handicapped-accessible, paved trails, the main options are the University of Alabama campus, and

the Riverwalk. Although the Riverwalk will supposedly eventually cover about 15 miles, all that's open

now is a 2-mile section in Northport, a .9-mile section in downtown Tuscaloosa, and a 1-mile section

near the university. The latter two sections will hopefully be connected to each other within a year or so.

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Mobile Green Space Master Plan

Calls for:

Paths added along existing streets, drainage rights-of-way, etc. will physically link most green spaces and provide over 50 miles of biking/walking opportunities. Visually, parks and green spaces will be connected through street tree plantings along major streets and proposed paths.

Master Plan link: http://www.rebloom.org/GreenSpace.html


Map link: http://www.rebloom.org/FullMap.html

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Eastern Shore Trail enhances quality of life in Baldwin County

The Baldwin County Trailblazers, a group trying to help shield Baldwin County from the effects of runaway growth, are working on a 32-mile "Eastern Shore Trail" that will connect parks and small towns along the shore. Volunteers have planted crape myrtles along the 8-foot wide paved hiking/biking trail, and efforts to extend and beautify the trail are ongoing.

Good stuff. If this is connected to the Causeway and then to the Crape Myrtle Trail under development along the western shore of Mobile Bay, local hikers and bikers will have a really long, top-notch trail with great scenery.

Mobile Register article

Additional info here

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You know, I've lived outside of Hartselle most of my life, but, I've never checked about any of these. They have walking paths, I know that, I dunno about designated biking paths though. We gotta go to Decatur for that, the whole Decatur system is supposed to be 25 miles in length when they complete it.

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