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GM to raze 2 plants, Olds office building


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The razing of the two plants is no surprise, as they are currently razing both sections of the Lansing Car Assembly Plant in Lansing. But, the Oldsmobile Headquarters building is one of the only examples of International-styled architecture in the region, and the thing is in good shape, too.

GM to raze 2 plants, Olds office building

General Motors Corp. will tear down the idled Lansing Craft Centre and Lansing Metal Center in Lansing Township.

The Detroit-based automaker also will raze the Oldsmobile office building south of Interstate 496 in downtown Lansing.


A few pictures I've taken of the old Olds Headquarters:



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I know what you mean. While in many other communities GM down-sized in phases and pieces, it seems like every single plant was shutdown within, what, 2-3 years of each other? I guess in the long-run, it's better to downsize as quickly as possible so as not to prolong the inevitable, but it sure does hurt in the short-term.

BTW, I can understanding the razing of these older plants, many of them pieced together, and unsuitable for a great industrial reuse even if retooled properly. But, I can't believe them wanting to get rid of a relatively modern office building (Class A, at that, I believe), large (268,000 square feet), and then the architectural and histsorical value comes into play, as well.

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