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metrorail to cut night service


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I was, on occasion, one of those 250 that took it during the night hours. I guess I didn't take it enough.


Miami-Dade to end overnight Metrorail service


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With little complaint from the public, Miami-Dade commissioners on Tuesday voted unanimously to stop Metrorail and Metromover service in the early morning hours.

Starting April 25, the trains will be replaced by additional buses on routes paralleling the rail lines.

The commission was following the recommendation of the Citizen's Independent Transportation Trust, which oversees expenditure of money from a half-penny sales tax for transportation.

Miami-Dade Transit officials estimated that the county would have to spend $3.3 million a year to continue running the trains from hours between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. -- $2 million in operating costs, and $1.3 million in security.

MDT determined only 250 people were using the system each night.

Miami-Dade Transit Director Roosevelt Bradley said his marketing department would get the word out to passengers and transit workers would visit each train to alert the midnight riders.

''We will not leave any rider behind,'' Bradley said.

Only one person spoke out against the move. Neal McCool was upset that the commission was taking away what was promised when the half-cent sales tax was approved by voters in November 2002.

At the time, tax supporters listed 24-hour train service as part of their plan.

''The all-night service is what swayed my vote,'' said McCool. ``We have a billion dollar white elephant and now we're going to run buses along side of it?''

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Guest donaltopablo

That's disappointing. I was really hyped on the 24 hour rail service in Miami and putting it on a plan with a few select cities in the world, and only one other in the country (NYC is the only one that has 24 hour trains, right?)

It is good good know that they are at least running buses 24 hours, something most cities Miami's size don't do either.

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To be honest, a lot of the riders looked to be homeless getting a air conditioned night of sleep. There were others as well though. The problem with Metrorail is that it doesn't really connect urban neighborhoods. Most of the riders probably have cars, they just choose to park and ride or bus it. Traffic becomes a non-issue at night so it's just easier to drive. In the not so distant future, as downtown and brickell heats up, and entertainment venues and nightspots that are actually close to transit open, then we'll probably see a return of 24 hour service.

I'll miss it, but like Lakelander said, it seems like a good descision.

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