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Riverfront Development Job


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Maybe before this person sets out to figure out how to redirect the Cumberland River he or she could focus a little attention on getting Gateway Blvd. extended. Considering that we're still 4 years aways (best case) from having this project completed I don't understand how the city could divert significant resources to the other side of the river just yet. Who is currently in charge of coordinating the Gateway project anyway ? Sobro is a long way from being a done deal and I fear that if the Mayor's office doesn't take a much more hands on role in this area we could all be real disappointed with how things turn out...whenever they finally do.

Don't get me wrong. I think the concepts and potential of the east bank are wonderful but if you don't take care of the business at hand (Sobro) it will ultimately undermine (or at least delay) the potential for Sobro growth to extend to that area anyway. Even within Sobro I think Rolling Mill Hill is at risk of being the first victim of any stumble (ballpark delay or cancellation, Gateway delay, etc.) in expectations for Sobro. Again, if we take care of Sobro, growth will continue in all directions, including to the east bank.

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