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[Huntington] Emmons Building's future uncertain


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Emmons Building's future uncertain

A fire a few days ago killed nine in apartments that line Fourth Avenue, two blocks from Pullman Square and four from Marshall University. The fire severely damaged Emmons Junior and causing considerable water damage to Emmons Senior. While the initial call was for demolition, the owner is now 'uncertain' about what to do.

IMO, a gut-rehab would be the best option. The exterior seems to be in excellent shape, with damage confined to the interior. These buildings would make excellent rehabilitation projects, and would be brought up to modern code.

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Emmons Jr. building to be demolished

It's sad that this building must be demolished, but I hope something quite nice goes up in its place. It's four blocks from Marshall Univ. and two from Pullman, and with loft and condo conversions ongoing down the street, this should be a prime opportunity for the owner.

And what about all these abandoned houses?

Article information:

"Emmons Jr. building to be demolished

By Bryan Chambers

Herald-Dispatch [Huntington]

January 25, 2007"

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This actually is a pretty sad development, as these buildings look achitecturally pretty nice. I agree, I guess all we can hope for now is something that is at least as beneficial to the urban environment that needs to be created in DT Huntington.

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To the surprise of... no one:

Demolition of Emmons apartments delayed

Notes --

1. Demolition has been delayed yet again as inspections continue.

2. Demolition was to begin in February, but the victims' families requested that safety specialists conduct extensive independent inspections of the entire building.

3. Several family members have filed a wrongful death lawsuit that the property managers were "negligent and careless and failed to exercise reasonable and ordinary care with respect to their ownership, operation, management and/or control of the building."

Article information: "Demolition of Emmons apartments delayed, Herald-Dispatch, May, 14, 2007"

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