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Good Time Charlies Gone


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Another longtime Ann Arbor establishment is gone. The building now has for lease signs in its windows. This kind of came sudden since I had just eaten there at one of my friend's 21st birthday parties prior to winter break. People said it was the addition of their club on the second level which killed the place. With the opening of Mitch's down the street might have proved too much competition as well.

Personally, I found the food kind of average. The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was nice. The place always seemed full, so I'm not sure of the exact reason that caused it to go under.

I'm not a huge fan of the building it was in though. It looks like something that belongs along the Grand Traverse Bay. Kind of has a great lakes nautical theme appearance to it. I'd like to see the whole place leveled, and something bigger and better on the site.

I'm still waiting for the day the 3 story Galleria Mall on South U is demoed for some huge entertainment complex like Columbus, OH has. I'm sure Pinball Pete's will even find it's nitch in that place.

Wow, I'm on a demo spree tonight! While were at it, take down U-Towers and everything else on that block.

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The club was pretty wack. But that's because there was never enough people. Your clubs has to be hyped up aorund campus in order to be succesful. For example, Necto is okay and much of their success has to do with their massive wall advertisements they do in Angell/Haven hall.

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I think this year it went down hill quickly. The last few times that I went there the place was empty and the food was terrible. It also seemed that everytime I went there the server was new and did not know what they were doing but that is true of a lot of places in this town.

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