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Flint Photos Courtesy of Flickr


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I came across some pictures in the Flickr album of member Jar With Most (http://flickr.com/photos/92726077@N00/) I thought I'd share:

Downtown from the site of the razed Chevy plant. I really wish Flint wouldn't have funneled its river like it did. Was this done because of flooding, or something. Who owns this land?




Back in 1996, though, the quality of the photo makes it look older.


Alley shot


Your typical shot of Flint's two tallest, a real contrast, a real beauty-and-the-beast shot


Buckham Alley 96


Buckham Alley 77


Kearsley 1977


Downtown 1977


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From what I understand, the Army Corps of Engineers (or whatever its called) did it years ago. Erosion control makes sense, look how close the river is to some of the buildings and especially up to the parking lots, imagine a flood and the bank gets saturated, gives way, there goes countless parked cars and/or udermine the building's foundation.

Another theory, since Flint has the Armory and at least two actively (although occasionally used) Reserve buildings, plus the facility that used to be on the lake by Flint Golf Course, Flint was apparently such a National security risk due to the GM plants being converted for the war efforts that the ARMY thought it necessary to reinforce the river that way.

I would assume GM still owns the land, if anyone has an address for the old plant, you can look it up at the City of Flint website under Parcel Lookup, that could be interesting.

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Wow, that picture of the old west side plant is amazing. I've lived down there for two years, and have never seen any pictures of what it used to look like down there. Unlike Detroit, we don't have any old factories to check out. "Demolition Means Progress", right GM?

Is this the area that you can see from the Hammerburg/Court St intersection?

It seems like ive seen this area(at least what i think is this lot) from that hill.

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