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The Resort


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Resort at Shell Point

Shell Point, Florida

Located in Wakulla County, approximately 20 miles south of Tallahassee, Florida, on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.


* 78.01 acres of Serenity Fronting the Gulf of Mexico.

* A planned unit development consisting of 35 single-family residences

* 52 multi-family condominiums,

* 100 room upscale hotel beach club with restaurant, open deck, tiki bar & grill area, ground level offices.

* 200 slip marina and public access boat ramp, parking and a valet boat trailer parking.


Site Plan


Resort / Hotel Rendering


Single Family Home Concept


Single Family Home Concept


Single Family Home Concept

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From environmentalists, the anti-development crowd, locals, etc. Those who we typically see as slowing down progress. I just can't imagine there not being something for environmentalists to shout about, and I also can't imagine most locals being passive about something that will be such a sweeping change for that area. You know how it is around the big bend in terms of development. I'm not jumping on the "these people are backwards and anti-progress bandwagon" when I say this. One thing my environmental science class has taught me is that there is little a developer can do that wont dissatisfy the environmentally inclined in some way. I'm definitely not talking about criticism of the design if that is what you think, just the concept of it.

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Im glad all you like minded individuals agree. :D

But seriously this is a sign of the times that someone would attempt this. It is a step in the right direction but i do dearly hope these projects can be built in moderation, lest we become like our neighbors to the south or west. Im all for this milestone project and have best wishes for it.

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Well I have mixed feelings about this development. It's certainly a positive step towards enhancing the "oceanic" recreation for the area, but (as an environmentalist) I've never been a fan of residential development along our shorelines. Particularly in an area with a shallow continental shelf which makes it highly vulnerable to the smallest of tropical systems. This is just a disaster waiting to happen.

But I'm happy for those who are in full support of this project. :(

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How "natural" is the land on and around Shell Point? I know of course the canals are man-made, but is the area where the homes and beach are man-made infill or is that area natural? Usually in-filled land floods even worse than natural land with or without the shallow shelf in the area. Just curious about this, anyone know?

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