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Weird article about Mordecai parking in N&O


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This article is weird because it doesn't seem like a neighborhood's parking issues would be of interest to a larger audience, but this article called, "Turf tiffs accompany growth" talks about parking problems in Mordecai.

It makes the owner of Conti's sound like such a jerk! Only validating the fact that I've had several negative experiences there with terrible customer service. I walked up with my baby jogger each time, too, so you think he'd try a little harder to please neighborhood customers.


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I've never seen these "problems" but they'll probably increase when Person Street Plaza is redeveloped.

I don't think there is any parking issues between Seaboard Station and North Person -- they are divided by Peace College. There may be a courtesy issue? As in people who work at the new building where the garage used to be (chiropractor?) and other new tenants are parking in front of storefronts all day, taking spaces that could be for potential customers.

This goes back to the hidden cost of free parking debate -- how do we get long term parkers to park further from stores to allow short term parkers to get in and out of businesses for quick trips. Would the area accept parking meters?

I like that Marsh Woodwinds is moving into the old bridal store. They get to stay downtown, but don't have to pay the higher rents the Glenwood South/Warehouse district is starting to charge. North Person feels like the area of Hillsborough from Glenwood to Harrington -- a collection of one to two story buildings perfectly suited for boutique/specialized retail.

The article also says J. Betski's is doing well, and Ace Hardware will open soon in the Seaboard/Logan's area. Good news on both fronts there!

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