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Another business moving to KC


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3:44 PM CDT Wednesday

Association of assessing officers picks KC for HQ

The International Association of Assessing Officers will move its international headquarters from Chicago to the Kansas City area, the Kansas City Area Development Council said Wednesday.


Cities the association had considered moving its headquarters to included St. Louis; Chicago; Dallas; Fort Myers, Orlando and Tampa, Fla.; Houston; Indianapolis; and Nashville, Tenn., the KCADC said in a written release. The association narrowed the list in December to Kansas City, Indianapolis and Nashville.

The association has 20 employees with average salaries of $55,000 a year, and it intends to have that number of employees in the Kansas City area, said Jill McCarthy, vice president of business development for the KCADC.

The association prefers to buy an existing building but will consider building a new one, McCarthy said. Cities within 30 miles of Kansas City International Airport are in the running for the headquarters site, she said.

The group's Chicago lease expires in June 2005, but it wants to move into its new headquarters by January, she said.

The group chose Kansas City over Indianapolis and Nashville because Kansas City has better air service, a competitive cost of living and lower transportation costs, McCarthy said.

"The big kicker was two things: a strong contingency from the local chapter of the association, which made a strong pitch to the international group to relocate to the Kansas City area," she said. "Also, we had great participation from the Metropolitan Community Colleges and (the University of Missouri-Kansas City)."

The Metropolitan Community Colleges offered to administer some online education for the association, McCarthy said, and UMKC already has a master's program for nonprofit leadership.

The association was founded in 1934 to train and educate assessment professionals. It has almost 8,000 members in 21 countries.

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