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Toronto Walk (Part 2)


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I forgot to mention in Part 1 that the tour had started west on Queen Street when the pictures of Old City Hall began. OK, so continuing on Queen St then.

Another view of Old City Hall, and scaffolding, from Nathan Philips Square.


Nathan Philips Square, and the public ice rink. I was surprised at how many people were out skating at noon on a friday. I suppose it was because the kids were on their March break.


New City Hall.



Scotiabank Plaza from Nathan Philips Square.


Statue of Sir Winston Churchill at the corner of the square.


Right beside New City Hall, we find Osgoode Hall, a school for lawyers and such.


Not sure what building this is, but I like the colour they used for the windows. It seems to make the building look a lot more inviting. I also like the building in the upper left. To the lower left is where they are building the new Four Seasons Opera House.


Here we have the Canada Life building and war memorial at Queen St and University Ave.


I forget what the name of this house is... but it looks good. Canada Life in the background again.


The famous Queen St shops.



The Chumcity building, basically the centre of television media in the city. Street level studios.



Ok, I have to end kind of randomly, because I am in desperate need of a lot of sleep. :blink: Once again, lots more to come.

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