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Outrageous parking situation at PHL


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In regard to a recent parking incident in PHL over the Thanksgiving holiday. Economy parking was filled, and I was directed by a gate attendant that I'd have to park in short-term parking. I realized the rates were higher, but I felt that surely there would be a voucher of some exception for those who HAD NO CHOICE but to park in short-term. I ended up paying $228 for short-term rates--would've been only $102 in ecomony. I've started to take some action through the BBB, and contacting the head of the parking authority (Frank), but it soon became clear that Franks excuses ran out, and my request for his supervisor's name and contact information has been totally ignored by him.

Here is the text of the messages that were sent back and forth:


While you've been cordial, I feel you're having trouble seeing my side of this dispute, so I've added comments to your last email in red. I've also filed a complaint with the BBB in the greater Philadelphia area. It will take a few weeks for you to hear from them.

I also need to know the name and contact information for your supervisor--not to complain about you personally, but to get this resolved. Please provide his or her name, email, and postal address.

Thank you,


----- Original Message -----

From: Frank Ragozzino

To: [email protected]

Sent: Friday, 08 December, 2006 10:15 AM

Subject: Re: your parking situation

Mr. Burr:

While not detracting from the veracity of your statement that you were directed to short term such instructions would have violated the standard operating procedures of the lot attendant (so why can't you accept that a mistake was made?), not to mention contradiction of the posted signs at the garage and warning signs at the short term entrances. The prominently posted warning signs that you observed as you approached short term should have caused concern for you (of course they caused concern, but you should still have a contingency for those with no choice but to park there. I also had a flight to catch, and didn't have time to investigate the situation).

At present you are the only complaint we have received. I assure you that with the short term rate being more than double the garage rate we would have received many complaints from customers if an employee(s) was providing improper instructions that resulted in premium short term parking fees (your employee may have mispoken once, with me being the misfortunate benefactor. The fact that no other complaints were received by you only indicates it wasn't a systematic mistake by your employees, or that other complaints were not brought to your attention.).

Following the receipt of your complaint I checked with a lot attendant supervisor who assured me that his first hand observation was that all lot attendants were providing proper instructions to patrons who were being turned away from economy parking at the airport (All that tells me is that he or the people he questioned didn't own up to their own mistake--most people wouldn't admit to their boss that they screwed up--surely you understand that). The lot supervisor advised me that he made numerous rounds and frequently stood along side lot attendants posted at the economy lot entrances.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this matter may have caused (But not sorry enough to do anything about it?).


Frank Ragozzino

Director, Airport Parking Operations

My question to others on the board is, what other recourse to I have. How can I find out his supervisors' names if he refuses to give them to me? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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complained to parking authority--no reply

complained to BBB--takes a month to reply

complained to airport--got excuses

complained here........

I've still got: other websites to spread the word, mayor's office, consumer affairs, attorney general, legal action.

I suppose I can keep calling and sending emails and bugging them. At least I'll have the satisfaction of wasting their time and money like they have wasted mine.

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Don't go to the parking authority, go to your state Rep. Believe me, they can do things that mere bureaucrats cannot. My recent beef with the turnpike folks was solved by my state Senator with an excellent result. The answer from the bureaucrats was always "It can't be done."

In the future, use one of the private parking companies. Lot less hassle and they drop you off right at the gate.

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