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Memphis Grizzlies/Corporate Sponsors


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This will dispell any rumors or any negatives about the Griz in Memphis. Despite being one of the smaller markets they are in the TOP 3RD's in corporate sponsorships. That is what seperates Memphis from other cities it size and even larger. The corporate dollars. We have a lot of large companies here and will have another fortune 500 with Servicemaster. If Wright Medical can try it again we will have 5. Hopefully Memphis will help them because the location they were trying to get here was unreasonable. [url=http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/stories/2006/10/23/story5.html?f=et183&b=1161576000%5E1362927&hbx=e_vert

Oh yeah, season ticket sales are nice to have but it is the corporate dollars teams really need. Plus corporations buy the floor and courtside seats.

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When "you say try it again" do you mean trying to get into the F500? Where is Wright Medical now? I'm assuming that's what you mean b/c they're already in the metro Memphis area, although they were considering relocating into the city limits, but they've already made their decision to build in Arlington.

I was under the impression that 1st Tenn was pretty close, as well as Thomas and Betts. TB was falling a couple years ago, but my understanding is they've stopped the fall, and restructured.

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