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[Huntington] Pullman Square growing as a 'town square'


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SLC: Huntington would be good to include a wayfinder system. Lexington will be implementing these to help tourists and residents alike find their way around downtown and campus.


"When Pullman Square opened in November 2004, planners hoped it would bring a new excitement and new visitors to a downtown that had struggled for years to recapture the bustling glory days of the 1950s and 1960s."

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Hmmm....I seem to recognize that photo, for some reason. :blink:

I would have to agree that the wayfinder system that Greenville has in place is an excellent one; however, it goes beyond that. The wayfinder signs, the street signs, the "Enjoy Greenville's Downtown" signs that greet you at every major artery into downtown -- they all tie together to provide for a uniform look and feel that is extremely user-friendly for visitors and residents alike. In fact, the ONLY knock I have against Greenville's signs is that they use the term "baseball stadium" instead of "ballpark" to direct people to West End Field.

Here are a few more photos of Greenville's signage that I took a couple of years ago:






All of the Parking Garages throughout Downtown Greenville have this big Green and White "P" on them so they're easy to spot from just about any direction:



Another cute little thing that really is user friendly in Downtown Greenville: this sculpture of a brief case has two compartments that hold Greenville Visitor's Guides:


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