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County-wide smoking ban passed


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County council passed a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars by a vote of 14-to-1, and Onorato is expected to approve it.


I think this is great news. Many other cities and states have done it, and I am glad to see we are too. Now people who work in or patronize local restaurants and bars will not have to inhale second-hand smoke or come away smelling like an ash tray.

I know some business owners are worried they will lose money, but that has not happened in other places with such bans. And places that specialize in tobacco products (such as cigar bars) are exempt anyway.

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A few years since I've been to Sharp Edge. The food there is good now? Good food or not, it is one of the best beer bars in the world. I'm a big beer geek and Pittsburgh is definitely lucky to have such a treasure.

Sharp Edge

I see that they just opened a bistro in Sewickley. That makes three locations, including the original in Friendship.

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Update: Onorato has vowed to veto this plan unless it is changed so that casinos are not exempt. He says that allowing smoking in casinos puts other establishments at a disadvantage.

I hadn't thought of that but he makes an excellent point. I am hoping they will remove the exemption and go forward with this.


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More changes have been made to this law. It would now ban smoking in ALL restaurants and bars, with a temporary exemption for establishments that make less than 10% of their revenue from food and have ten or less employees.

I think the current plan sounds optimal, and I hope it passes as-is.

This article has details:


I am however dismayed that the local government will not be able to ban smoking in casinos. Last I heard the state is taking that ability away from local govt's and plans to allow smoking in all casinso. Sigh.

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Looking good. The powers that be have changed their minds; Allegheny County WILL be able to ban smoking in casinos. (The above article also contains some interesting info about slots law if anyone is interested).

I am very happy about this. It is my opinion that allowing smoking in casinos while it is banned everywhere else would be very bad for local businesses.

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So you have all probably heard that the ban is delayed once again. I am dissapointed, but I do think that it will eventually happen.

Annoyingly, I have noticed several people complaining that this delay shows the region is "backwards." I disagree with that wholeheartedly. I mean, many places have not even tried to pass smoking bans yet. How are we backwards just because a couple of judges delayed it? Sheesh.

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