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'Mysteries of Pittsburgh' production company plans to shoot second film here


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The full article is only available online via subscription or in the print edition.


A few snippets:

"Beverly Hills, CA-based Groundswell Productions is looking to piggyback on its current production of a film adaptation of Michael Chabon novel "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" with a second film to be set in Pittsburgh.

Called "Smart People", the new film is scheduled to start shooting in Pittsburgh in early November, not long after "Mysteries" wraps up production in late October.

Expected to star Dennis Quaid, Rachel Weisz and Thomas Haden Church, "Smart People" involves a professor's challenges dealing with a new love and failing career.


Cooper said Groundswell has "fallen in love" with the location enough to shift the university setting of "Smart People" from Cleveland as it was written to Pittsburgh."

This is fantastic news... and both of these movies sound like movies I would be interested in seeing. "Mysteries" has long been one of my favorite novels. Groundswell Productions was started by Michael London, who was the producer for "Sideways"... which is one of my favorite movies (which coincidentally stars Thomas Haden Church). Pittsburgh is such a beautiful and unique city... and it's nice to see some more film action here after a long lull.

btw, did anyone catch the premiere episode of "Smith" on CBS? The pilot episode was filmed in Pittsburgh. I had read previously (probably in the P/G) that it was to air Sept. 26... but apparently it aired Sept. 19. D'oh!

Dennis Quaid


Rachel Weisz


Thomas Haden Church


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so today i find out that "Smart People" is set in the Pittsburgh of the 80s... that makes "Mysteries", "Rock Star" and "Smart People" as 80s Pittsburgh movies... it's like PGH hasnt' existed for the past 20 years... it would be nice to capture the contemporary reality of the city on film for once... I'm just hoping this film doesn't allude to the economic collapse and population exodus of that period... though potentially making good drama... I'd rather not have that idea reinforced into public consciousness yet again

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I can deal with them mentioning the city's problems of the time if they make it very clear that this movie is set in the 80's. But I would certainly prefer it if they did not mention it at all, since many people would have no clue that anything has changed since then.

I am glad to have another movie set in Pittsburgh, and also glad it's being filmed here. But yeah, I sure would like to see more films set in contemporary Pittsburgh. This is still nice though.

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