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Marshall Field's Now Macy's


Would you still shop at the old Marshall Field's?  

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  1. 1. Would you still shop at the old Marshall Field's? Post your response as to why.

    • Yes, I'll still go there regardless of the name.
    • Yes, but only for what made Marshall Field's special (ex. the Walnut Room, Frango mints)
    • Yes, I might go there out of necessity.
    • No, I won't go back until they change the name back.
    • No, I'll never go back.

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First, we watched Dayton's go to be replaced with Marshall Fields. There was much boohooing and sadness... but we got used to it, because Marshall Fields was still a midwest based brand name with strong traditions. But Macy's? We might as well have converted htem all into KMart! They're trying to lure midwestern shoppers in by saying "But we kept lots of the Marshall Fields stuff".. Sorry, ain't buying it.

Why have Macy's when you could have JCPenny or even Kohl's? It just doesn't seem worth it.

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Went to the downtown Macy's store on State St. this past weekend - got some dress shirts and ties - I really don't have a problem with the change - Marshall Field's was the name the killed Hudson's in Michigan in the late 1990s, so it's just a product of this sector of the retail market.

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Went to the State Street store and it didn't look like a whole lot changed since the few months I had visited their prior. Just a switch in directories, merchandise tags, and the atrium had a few new lights.

They shut off the express elevator to the vacant top floor though. :cry: I used to love and go take pictures of the city from up there. If you were ambitious you could get up onto the roof.

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