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Devastation Predicted for Detroit School System


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But, really, what does work? Why should someone come back to DPS? They simply can't compete, as a district, with most other districts, and that makes me sick. Really, what is the solution in our "throw-away" society. No one wants to stick around to fix anything. Everyone wants to run, so what should he be saying? It's lose-lose for DPS and just about every other urban school district in this country. Even Lansing Public Schools are still bleeding people, and they are actually a rather relatively decent preforming inner-city school districts. Even if these school districts are able to win the war of unfair perception, the facts are still there that they aren't as competitive. And, at the end of the day the school districts hands are tied, as most students can only be as their family situation allows with few exceptions. Even if DPS were to do a complete overhaul of the administration, rid the things of all corruption, and whatever else they need to do, I doubt the scores would change. And, in the end, that seems to be all that matters to choosey parents who won't even consider DPS. Heck, it was primarily the state of DPS that my mom moved us out of the city, and many of my younger cousins who still live in Detroit go to charter or private schools, which their families really can't afford.

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Nice thread title wolverine, lol.

I pretty much agree with Lmichigan here. The only thing the schools can do is try to attract responsible families, but that's a chicken/egg situation.

Something that would help though (how much and how expensive it would be, I don't know) is public awareness of Detroit's schools. Most people in the region think that all Detroit schools are bad, when that's not true.

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I know something that is working for urban school districts, and that's magnet/specialized schools. The program, here, is bursting at the seams. Perhaps, they should do something radical and reshuffle all of the public schools to make each and every one of them magnets. Or maybe something as radical as decentralizing DPS and setting up geographic sub administrations in the city that would have more say in there areas schools, with the central administration only making the big decisions that effect the entire district. The PR campaigns just don't ever seem to work in changing perception.

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