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NorthCross Shopping Center


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What will be added to NorthCross Shopping Center as it expands? I know that Doug Smith wrote an article a while back about how shopping centers have a natural life span of about 10 years before they need to be rejuvenated in some way. There were diagrams of a completely redesigned and enlarged NSC, although I don't remember the exact details. Does anyone out there know (or have opinions) of what might be added?

If this exists somewhere else...sorry for the repeat.

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I believe the proposed expansion is in part dependent upon the relocation of Hwy 21 further east, but I don't remember if this project would require it or would conflict with it. I do know that Huntersville has commissioned a study that completely designs exit 25 that would seperate local traffic from the through traffic on Hwy 73 and the relocation of this road is part of that re-design. As far as I know, the NCDOT has not agreed or disageed to this plan but certainly has not funded the changes.

The proposal for this shopping center would expand it, include some sort of residential component, and would be closer to Birkdale Village in design rather than the badly designed strip mall that it is now. I have not heard anything about it in months, so my guess it hasn't gotten anywhere. Most of this information was published in the Huntersville Herald so it might be worth a search there.

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