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Commercial/residential project slated for Uptown Lexington


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Business and real estate owner Ardell Lanier takes his application for a major development permit for a commercial/residential center at West Second Avenue and South State Street to the Lexington Planning Board on Monday night.

Lanier proposes to build a $1.5 million to $2 million, two-story, 21,000-square-foot brick complex with eight business condominiums on the ground floor and eight residential condominiums on the second floor.

The project has attracted interest from advocates for Uptown Lexington because it would provide second-floor residential development in the central business district - a longtime goal of the Uptown Lexington organization.

But homeowners in the historic residential neighborhood of which the 0.85-acre site is also part became concerned when Lanier tore down a Masonic Lodge and two adjacent houses to make way for the development without meeting with them first.


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Your post looks real lonely so I thought I would spurce it up a bit...lolz :P

I've been meaning to spend some time Uptown all week but didn't really get a change till today. Anyway, here are some pics of construction going on uptown.

This is the site for this mix-use project. You can see it's proximity to the banks and lanier hardware itself. Also 2nd Ave has alot of resterants and shops. I agree with the city as they wanted the development to sit at the corner. Although Lanier wants it to have parking in the front and back. As you can see there is plenty of parking for it. But o well......






They are doing some work on the old courthouse as well. The clock will be refurbished and the building will get a new paint job



A new Mexican Resterant is about to open also. There still doing some work on the building tho.


The farmers market is part of the new plan to revive railroad st. It's been fairly sucessful and attracts a good crowd when it's open. The city has already talked to Amtrak and is now getting plans ready to renovate the depot.


A last look down Main St.


Not the best quality pics, and not the best spelling...plese forgive me but I hope you guys enjoyed.

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