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Annex Street?

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My cousin, her friends, and I are moving to this street.. but I don't know much about it. Like, what is the crime rate in this area? I know the proximity of this street to downtown, which is one reason why we are going to look for apartments in this direction. Also, the fact that my cousin is going to beauty school around there.

I am eventually going to drive there and check it out. But maybe some of you guys can give some in sight as to what this area is all about?!

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I live two streets over from Annex. Its a decent area. The crime rates in this area seem to stay on a steady decline. Property in the area is expected to keep moving on up thanks to Nashville West and the proximity to DT and I40. From where I live you can get anywhere inside Davidson Co in just a few minutes baring any traffic jams. We have a decent sized park that the neighborhood is named after called Charlotte Park. The area is pretty quite for the most part. If your on a budget it would be something I would reccomend. You definitely get your moneys worth IMO.

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Well my cousin said she found some real ritzy townhouses in the area.. so I dunno. I still haven't checked it out yet.. althougth.. if its close to Louise Street (practically were I am all the time) then I'll be one happy camper.. (for the club scene [le peep..etc.] :D and CAFE COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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