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I am interested in any relocation advice. I currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina and am interested in a possible future move to Tampa. I will be looking to enter the public or private schools as a teacher and have my Masters. How are the schools in the area in general? What parts of town are good for young professionals and are also affordable. I would like a more urban less suburban type. Thanks for any help!

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Are you married, single, kids etc?

If single, you will probably like the South Tampa area, close to downtown - Hyde Park, Soho, Ybor etc. It is not affordable however. Nice 1 br condos start around $170k. Older 1 bedrooms probably around $150k.

The more affordable areas are Northern suburbs (Way north in New Port Richey) or east in the Brandon areas. NPR is more of a retirement area and Brandon is more family. Not recommended for young singles.

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I agree that the South Tampa, Hyde Park area is great for singles and/or two person families. For a more affordable area I would also look at the New Tampa and Wesley Chapel areas. New Tampa is a part of the city, but is really structured as suburbs. Both NT and WC have afforable condos (starting, new, around $130,000) or apartments. Unlike New Port Richey, when (and if) the commuter rail and light rail are built it is almost certain to include a stop in the NT and WC areas of Town; which could be an asset in the future for you. NPR will get a link in the further future, but the other areas will be sooner. Hyde Park and South Tampa will be on one of the first lines if everything goes as they are planning now, if that has any bearing for you.

Teachers get paid a little more (starting pay) in Pasco county (North of Hillsborough) than they do in the surrounding areas from what I understand. There are a lot of new schools going up all around the area, so look for those.


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