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Front Range Transit Issues


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Transportation is a big issues up and down the front range.

I'll start with a link to an article about Colorado Springs' plans to move it's transit headquarters to a new location on the west side of downtown, ostensibly in preparation for the future Front Range Commuter rail and possibly light rail in town.


It is VERY rare for me to oppose new development downtown, but I just don't think this is necessary right now. Neither commuter rail nor LRT are immenent despite the best efforts of many. A bus station on Nevada Avenue is still a bus station on Sierra Madre. Riders who are used to the station being on Nevada, across the street from city hall, will likely be upset by the change. The bus station's current location on Nevada is also across the street from the property the Cooper Tower is planned for and with the city wanting to encourage development further eastward in the downtown area, keeping it on Nevada may turn out to be the right decision, though admittedly when the time for commuter rail comes, the transit hub would probably have to move to the west side of downtown where there are alread tracks established for coal trains and the like.

I'm guessing they'll buy the depot.

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