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Montrose, like most small towns around Flint are interesting to visit. You can see how each town was completely self sufficient, each had a grocery store, post office, bank, probably a gas/service station, maybe a small theater, not to mention the real live mom and pop shops, barber/beauty shops, hardware store, etc.

Maybe it was GM building all the factories in Flint that killed the small towns.

Its good to see some of the little towns coming back to life, or at least maintaining a heart beat. So many of the little towns look like time has forgotten them.

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Great photos, though it looks like most of the old towns and villages of Genesee County have seen better days. Have you made it down to Fenton? I hear that's a nice city.

Actually I did and I really liked it. Fenton has some beautiful homes. I will post the pictures sometime soon.

If you ever visit Fenton then you MUST stop by nearby Holly.

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